Why Do Businesses Love ContactSuite CRM?


With ContactSuite CRM you can create your own contact centre in a few days without needing to install expensive servers or telephone systems.  Pay as you go for the features you need and scale your user numbers up or down seamlessly to meet demand.

Improve Sales Performance

Scripts guide agents through each call to ensure that they use proven sales tactics and comply with legal and industry requirements.

Objection handlers, FAQs, product and policy information can be easily searched by agents and used to answer customer questions and counter objections.

Leads can be automatically imported, de-duplicated and washed against Do Not Call lists then presented for dialing based on configurable rules.

One click dialing allows agents to preview information before the call, or the system can automatically dial once the agent becomes free

Manage Customer Relationships

Customer contact details, purchase history and interaction history are just a click away

Automatic call scheduling and CRM information makes staying in touch with your customers easy

Customer requests, sales and support requests can be captured in cases and workflowed to other agents for resolution 

With DDI, hunt groups or complex skills-based routing, inbound calls can be handled by your agents to provide customer sales or support

Track Campaign Performance

Real time reporting lets you see how your campaign is going minute by minute so you can make changes on the fly to increase performance

The outcome of each inbound or outbound interaction can be classified by agents to generate powerful insights into your campaign’s performance

Dashboards display real-time metrics that let you easily monitor individual agent, team and overall campaign performance

Agent time spent calling on campaigns, having training, or taking breaks is automatically captured for use in reporting and payroll

Built in VolP Telephony

Just plug a headset into a PC and you can start calling or receiving calls straight away


With just a headset and a PC or tablet, agents can work from anywhere, in the office, at home or on the road 

Every call can be recorded, stored online indefinitely and used for quality assurance, training, records keeping and complaint investigations

Toll charges for outbound calls are kept low because they’re carried over the Internet to a point nearest to the person being called

Integrate with Other Systems

If your agents need to use another system during calling you can either embed it in ContactSuite CRM or directly integrate with it using web services

A PCI-certified credit card payment module lets your agents take payments over the phone securely  

Exporting or importing data to or from other systems can be automated or done manually

Agent login, logout times, breaks and time spent on each campaign can be exported to your payroll system to generate agent wage and incentive payments.

See ContactSuite in Action

Use the Tools the Professionals Use


ContactSuite CRM is developed by Telnet, a leading contact centre outsource provider based in New Zealand.  We use ContactSuite CRM to support all aspects of our multi-site 400 seat operation servicing over 40 clients from around the world.

No matter what your contact centre need is, ContactSuite CRM has it covered.

Outbound Telemarketing

Increase conversion rates and let your agents spend more time selling

Telephone Account Management

Stay in touch with your customers and maximise revenue opportunities

Customer Care and Tech Support

Give your customers the support they need through any channel


Stay in touch with your slow payers and increase collection rates

The Professionals Using ContactSuite