your Frontline

Great CX means keeping your attention on what matters most;
your customer.

ContactSuite CRM and SenseIQ Knowledge Management.
Simple. Powerful. Streamlined.

Single Pane of Glass

Keep focus where it matters

Your frontline team should be working on providing an amazing customer experience rather than clicking through multiple screens and multiple systems.

  • Contact data automatically pops based on email or caller ID*
  • Telephony and Data Integration into a number of popular platforms
  • Integrate scripting, knowledge management or third party data into a single interface

* when using telephony integration (CTI) and where caller ID is available

Knowledge Management

Know it all, with 

One of the secrets of amazing CX is the ability for your frontline team to answer every question. ContactSuite’s SenseIQ knowledge management platform is built to do just that.

Standalone or integrated with ContactSuite CRM, SenseIQ is the comprehensive tool to manage knowledge articles, decision trees, scripts and Q&A sets allows you to harness your organisational knowledge to prove the right answer, every time.

Easy To Customise Contact Forms

Let your tools do the work

ContactSuite CRM makes it easy to customise and change what data your frontline is capturing allowing you to respond quickly to changes in your business. Using a drag and drop designer and simple if/then conditional logic, complex processes can be turned into simple step by step guided flows.

  • Drag and drop, code free designer makes it easy to create new contact forms
  • Add a new data capture fields in a single step for rapid change deployment
  • Powerful yet simple to use condition/action logic to simplify complex decision making

Pure Cloud Convenience

ContactSuite works over a standard web browser with nothing to install and nothing to configure on your users’ devices

Advanced CRM Features

Manage your customers’ contact details, campaign history and interaction history with a few clicks

Ticketing and Case Management

Customer, Sales and Support requests can be tracked, managed and workflowed through multiple stages and staff for resolution

Total Customisation

Tailor your contact forms to make is easy for your frontline to follow scripts or processes. Embed or integrate third party tools to create the ultimate “single pane of glass” view

Knowledge Management

SenseIQs superior knowledge management tools brings your company knowledge to your frontline team, right there in the ContactSuite CRM screen

Built for Integration

ContactSuite integrates with external APIs, telephony platforms and web applications to provide ultimate single source of truth

Flexibility and Business Continuity

Work. Anywhere.

The global pandemic has changed how we work forever. Our home based workforce is here to stay, long after COVID-19 restrictions relax. ContactSuite makes it easy for your frontline to be distributed but still connected, with no hardware and nothing for your team to install or configure on their computers.

Pure Cloud Application
Nothing to install

All Major Browsers
and Devices Supported

Easy to Scale and Deploy
to Your Remote Workforce

Multifactor Authentication
for Peace of Mind