March Release 2024

This month’s release contains a couple of “quality of life” improvements, including increasing the SenseIQ “suggested” (typedown) result limit from 5 to 50 and fixing two issues; one where the suggested results did not display when there were two or more keywords and a visual bug that caused the article feedback buttons to appear to “flicker” in some circumstances.

A change has been made to behavior of the Amazon Connect CTI connector when on breaks – this will use the agent status of “CS Unavailable” (if it’s configured in Amazon Connect) instead of the default “Unavailable” status – to differentiate between agents who are offline, or just unavailable since they are in, for example, the break dialog in ContactSuite. 

The Dialpad CTI also gets a small update which will ensure that all “groups” (Department, Office, Callcentre) are correctly shown in the group listing.

An issue was also fixed in this release that could cause a problem with Post Complete Actions (PCAs) which were linked to campaigns within child screenpops.  A change to campaign settings (such as email type) could result in child screenpops becoming “unticked” in associated PCA condition/actions.