February Release 2024

This month is quite a big release in terms of improvements and some brand new functionality.

Headline capability this month is the new support for Dialpad (www.dialpad.com) in ContactSuite’s CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).  We are integrating dialpad’s “mini-dialer” right into the ContactSuite screen, and we support most call control functionality – including inbound and outbound calls (including screenpop and selection of correct outbound dialing queue to set CallerID), user state display and setting of Do Not Disturb natively as well as further controls available through the mini-dialer panel.

Choose default value from dropdown options

Screenpop Designer gets a couple of improvements this month, including the ability to set a default value on a dropdown field – which wasn’t possible before without use of condition/action rules, to allow the use of the “make required” Action for radio button controls, and also the ability to test out field validations in the screenpop preview – making it easier to test screenpop changes.  Keeping on the theme of validation, we also now validate “as you type”, making it quicker for users to see if there are errors in a field.

We’ve made some style changes to External Data Lookups, and also improved the way we show the “Processing” message – especially where only one result is being returned, by preventing the lower panel opening where it’s not needed.

Visual Improvement for “Processing”

We’ve included functionality to allow rotation of PDF files and image attachments.  One limitation of this currently is that since we use the Adobe PDF library, this currently also rotates the user controls shown with the document.

This month also sees a number of fixes.   SenseIQ tables which did not render correctly in some circumstances should now work as expected. We have also resolved an issue where a user set up for SSO was redirected to the non-SSO login if the login failed, and an incorrect error message that showed when a session was disconnected (eg by opening a second browser session). Improvements were also made to outbound campaign statistics to correctly handle situations where contact lists were rebuilt daily, and an issue correctly sorting cases in some instances.