Outbound Telemarketing

“Let your agents focus on what they do best – selling. ContactSuite CRM looks after the rest”

Help Your Agents Spend More Time Selling

imagePower dialing puts your agents in touch with prospects with just one click and ContactSuite CRM’s automated scripting guides agents through each call. 


Its integrated knowledgebase gives them instant access to product information, policies and FAQs to help with the sales process while objection handlers help them overcome buying resistance.  Street address validation ensures that agents accurately record customer address details.  You can even have email addresses automatically validated.


ContactSuite CRM’s automated workflow can trigger sales fulfillment processes, such as emailing an information sheet to the customer, or producing a mail merge document for posting.  It can even update other systems such as an order entry application or CRM.


A PCI-DSS certified payment processing feature lets your customers pay securely for your products or services by credit card with no agent involvement.

Understand Your Customer’s Needs

imageAgents can easily view the history of interactions each customer has had with your business in the past and use this information to guide how they interact with the customer, perhaps offering an upsell or a cross-sell.


If a customer has open cases with your company, the agent can view the details and speak knowledgeably to the customer about the current status.


ContactSuite CRM’s inbound telephony feature lets your customers call their account manager directly, or if you don’t have dedicated account managers, inbound calls can be routed to groups of agents so that anyone can answer the customer’s call.

Communicate Effectively with Prospects

mDuring dialling, ContactSuite CRM shows the agent details about who they’re calling so they can greet them by name, or if a prospect wants to be called back, ContactSuite CRM’s automatic callback feature can reschedule the call. ContactSuite CRM can enforce dialing rules covering how often each prospect should be called and at what times of the day.


Prospects often ask for more information to help with their buying decision.  ContactSuite CRM can automatically email a brochure or a link to your website and schedule a callback in a few days’ time. 


ContactSuite CRM’s integrated email feature lets you communicate with your customers by email and automatically store the emails with the customer’s account or case.

Know How Your Campaigns Are Going


image Online real-time reports give you an immediate view of agent and campaign performance so you can fine tune your campaign on the fly.


Call outcomes are tracked using Call Conclusions which can be used for reporting and to trigger other actions.  A call conclusion of “Sale” can trigger a fulfillment process or update an agent’s incentive bonus.  A “Not Interested” conclusion can prompt the agent to find out why.


ContactSuite CRM manages the process of loading leads (manually or automatically), de-duplicating leads, checking that phone numbers are valid, washing leads against Do Not Call lists and checking whether a lead has been recently contacted.


Because ContactSuite CRM is integrated with Microsoft’s powerful data visualization tool, Power BI, you can extend your data analysis capability beyond ContactSuite CRM’s standard reports and generate additional insights into your business.


You can learn more about ContactSuite CRM reports here.

Pay Only for What You Need


Why spend money on expensive telephone and sales campaign management systems when you can just rent them when you need them?


ContactSuite CRM is a cloud-based service charged for on a per seat per month basis with no investment needed in hardware or software.  It runs in a web browser and uses your PC to make phone calls so you don’t even need a telephone.  Just plug a headset into your PC, login to the ContactSuite CRM website and start selling immediately, from anywhere.


Calls are routed over the Internet to the node closest to your prospect or customer so you’ll mostly only pay local-call toll charges.


ContactSuite CRM’s call recording feature records every outbound and inbound call and stores the recordings online for as long as you need.  You can use the recordings to evaluate agent performance and most importantly, as a record of each sale or conversation.


There’s no need to worry about backing up your valuable data – ContactSuite CRM does it all for you.


Use the Tools the Professionals Use

imageBy choosing ContactSuite CRM to support your outbound telemarketing needs, you’re gaining access to our 20+ years of experience providing solutions to the contact centre industry.  Our clients, including one of the largest outbound telemarketing operations in New Zealand, use ContactSuite CRM to generate thousands of sales every year.


Other companies using ContactSuite CRM include energy providers and companies involved in finance and insurance, telecommunications and health and beauty industries.


Join the ContactSuite CRM team and let your sales agents focus on selling while ContactSuite CRM looks after the rest.