“Stay in touch with your slow payers and increase collection rates”

Stay Engaged With Your Debtors

A good collection process generally involves maintaining a steady stream of communications to slow payers over a regular timeframe that builds pressure.  It might start with a letter, email or txt followed by a phone call, more non-voice communications and then another phone call.


ContactSuite CRM’s communication tools and workflow features let you automate these regular contacts so that you can stay engaged with your debtors and improve your collection rates.  Scripting and template email responses make it easy for agents to use the right tone and approach to persuade debtors to pay outstanding amounts promptly.


All communications you have with your debtors using ContactSuite CRM are recorded against their account, giving you a single view of their status.

Help Your Agents Improve Collection Rates

aPower dialling puts your agents in touch with debtors with just one click and ContactSuite CRM’s automated scripting guides agents through each call.  Its integrated knowledgebase gives them instant access to credit policies, payment options and FAQ’s to help with the collections process while objection handlers help them overcome debtor resistance.


During dialling, ContactSuite CRM shows the agent details about who they’re calling so they can greet them by name, or if a debtor wants to be called back, ContactSuite CRM’s automatic callback feature can reschedule the call.  Calls that aren’t answered are automatically rescheduled for another attempt.  The case management feature lets agents easily see the current status of each debtor’s collections status and see a history of previous interactions.


ContactSuite CRM’s automated workflow can trigger other collections processes, such as emailing a payment demand, or producing a mail merge document for posting.  It can even update other systems, such as an accounts receivable system or CRM.

Let Debtors Use Their Channel of Choice

ssContactSuite CRM lets your debtors reach you by voice, email, social media and webchat.  No matter what channel they use, their interaction history with your contact centre is stored and made available to agents so they can get a quick view of the customer’s contact history, payment arrangements, call outcomes and open and closed cases.


ContactSuite CRM’s skills-based routing directs debtor contacts to the next available agent with the skills necessary to handle their call.  Advanced IVR features let your debtors access your services without the need to involve an agent, for example, checking their account balance or payment due dates.


A PCI-DSS certified payment processing feature lets your debtors pay by credit card with no agent involvement.

Know How Your Collection Operation is Going

imageOnline, real-time reports give you an immediate view of agents and account performance, including call volumes by call type, number of cases opened and closed, First Call Resolution rates and other metrics that let you optimize your collections operation.


Call outcomes are tracked using Call Conclusions which can be used for reporting and to trigger other actions.  They can also be used to keep track of payment issues so that you can identify trends early and take action.


Because ContactSuite CRM is integrated with Microsoft’s powerful data visualization tool, Power BI, you can extend your data analysis capability to beyond ContactSuite CRM’s standard reports and mine your data to generate additional insights into your business.